Insta Primed Windows ENTERPRISE v1.2

Grow your business today with Instagram, our tools let you scrape emails and other data to find your next clients!
START SCRAPING WITH OUR WINDOWS VERSION Reliable and recommended for Windows users.

Windows Version tools

  • Follower Grabber
    Follower Grabber lets you get all the followers of a person on Instagram. That data can later be used for the Data Grabber. You can use it for free.
  • Data Grabber
    Data Grabber lets you get all kinds of data from targeted accounts, for example, emails, phone numbers, addresses, etc. Perfect for getting colds leads.
  • Email Scraper
    Email Scraper is a part of the Data Grabber. It lets you get emails of targeted users followers on Instagram. Great for finding new clients.

How does it work ?

  • Find niche
    Before scraping data you need to think of a niche that your ideal customers or business partners would be interested in e.g dog food.
  • Get usernames
    Before you can start finding data you need to find usernames who are interested in your niche, use the Follower Grabber and the Hashtag Grabber for that.
  • Get the data
    After you have got usernames of the people that are interested in your niche you can start scraping data, emails, phone numbers, URL’s, etc. Use the Data Grabber for that.


Extract the .zip files first with password provided, then run or double click the InstaPrimed.exe file!

Click on activate button to change from FREE to ENTERPRISE Version!

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